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PAgis online mapping applications have been migrated from Flash to JavaScript technology.  Adobe will soon no longer support Flash (see blog post from Adobe).  Most web browsers, including Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, have put measures in place to prevent Flash applications from running by default.  Modern web browsers will no longer support Flash by 2020, including Internet Explorer (see blog posts from Microsoft and Google).  Users are advised to remove bookmarks and hyperlinks to PAgis online mapping applications based on Flash and replace them with new links to the JavaScript based apps immediately.  The PAgis Flash apps will be retired on January 1, 2018.

The Land Ownership Application allows users to zoom to an area of interest by drawing a box, or by searching for an address, intersection, parcel owner or subdivision name. A user can identify individual parcels to see tax role data. Links to reports can be accessed from parcel search results. Scanned plats can also be accessed from subdivision search results. Legacy Flash Version to be retired January 1, 2018.


The Water / Wastewater Application allows users to zoom to an area of interest dynamically by drawing a box, or by searching for an address, intersection, parcel owner or subdivision. A user can identify the water mains, or search for hydrants and valves in Central Arkansas Water’s service area as well as manhole and sewer mains in Little Rock Wastewater’s service area.Legacy Flash Version” to be retired January 1, 2018.


The Flood Map Application allows users to zoom to an address, intersection, or parcel to visualize FEMA digital flood insurance rate map (DFIRM) layers on top of a PAgis base map.  Pop up info links to flood plain administrator contacts, graphic files of FIRM panel maps, letters of map revisions and amendments, as well as downloadable DFIRM data directly from FEMA.


The Stormwater Application provides users with information regarding Stormwater assets in Little Rock, North Little Rock, Sherwood, and Pulaski county.  Users can zoom to stormwater features, search by address, change basemaps, and select stormwater assets to view information about each one .

The Get Outside Application was designed to provide the people of Pulaski County with an easy to use application for locating, visualizing and accessing information about the parks and trails in Pulaski County.


The Mapping Monument Application allows users to zoom to an area of interest dynamically by drawing a box, or by searching for an address, or intersection. Once you have zoomed to your area of interest you can find all the permanent mapping monuments used by surveyors to reference new measurements. Clicking on a monument point will link you directly to the scanned control form describing it.“Legacy Flash Version” to be retired January 1, 2018.


The View From Above application allows users to compare and contrast aerial photos from all of the PAgis ortho-photography image catalogs.  Image catalog years include:  1998, 2006, 2009 and 2012.  Zoom into an area of interest, or use the bookmark widget along with the map switcher and/or slider bar to see how the landscape of Pulaski County has changed over time. Mobile friendly version coming soon.


The Elevation Application allows one to inspect LiDAR derived bare earth and first return (top surface) elevation data. Once zoomed into an area, use a profile widget to generate a dynamic cross-section of the terrain.  The cross-section will show the elevation along a custom drawn line.  A viewshed widget (using a publicly available 90 meter DEM) shows the viewable areas within a custom buffer.


View instructions on how to use your Apple, Android or Windows smart phone, hand held or tablet devices to consume PAgis mobile maps. The mobile maps are light weight versions of the full featured browser based applications and run inside a free, mobile ArcGIS App from ESRI.

Connect to the PAgis online mapping web services! Read instructions for ArcGIS Desktop and AutoDesk AutoCAD. Connecting to the PAgis online mapping server allows users to consume map and locator services directly in their desktop software. This gives users access to most of PAgis’ data without having to request custom data products or use pre-configured web applications!


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